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You can check the frequently asked questions from below.


Features and Performance

  • Q. Does the thermal insulation effect deteriorate over time?

A. As the thermal insulation effect is brought by the unique ceramic, it does not  deteriorate even with dirt on coating surface over time.

  • Q. Does the smell remain after application?

A. Please provide adequate ventilation after application. In general, the smell disappears in a few days. We have another low odor type which is specialized for interior.

  • Q. What kind of materials can GAINA be applied to?

A. It can be applied to most materials with appropriate under coat. 

  • Q. Are there any materials that GAINA cannot be applied to?

A. Polypropylene (high density), fluorine processed product, Teflon processed product etc.

  • Q. What colors are available?

A. There are 52 basic colors. Please contact with your supplier for further details.

  • Q. Does coloring affect the thermal insulation effect?

A. Coloring does not affect the thermal insulation effect, even though heat shield effect in dark colors slightly decreases.

  • Q. When applying GAINA over an existing coating in dark color, is the underlying color seeable?

A. The underlying color is not seeable if applied with recommended application amount. But if it is uncertain, under coating in white color is recommended.

  • Q. Is there a transparent type GAINA?

A. There is no transparent type. It is available only with colors.

  • Q. What is the temperature range of thermal resistance of GAINA?

A. The temperature range of thermal resistance of GAINA is from -100 Degree Celsius to 150 Degree Celsius. But please apply it at normal temperature.

  • Q. Is the thermal insulation effective in below-freezing condition?

A. Even at below-freezing temperatures, thermal insulation is fully effective after drying is totally completed.

  • Q. Can it be used as waterproof material for rooftop etc.?

A. It is not made for waterproofing but it can be applied as a top coat for protection of waterproofing or to provide elasticity for the body of the building.

  • Q. What is the appropriate number of years for recoating?

A. Since the special ceramic, which is the main component of GAINA, is extremely strong against ultraviolet rays, 15-20 years is a standard for recoating under general environment.

Application and Tools

  • Q. How to treat the substrate to be applied?

A. To maximize the adhesiveness with substrate, make sure to treat the substrate like cleaning of dirt, algae, mold, etc. and rust removing. For glossy metallic surfaces you might need to sand it or roughen it before coating. After treatment, please apply with primer or sealer suitable for the substrate.

  • Q. What kind of tools are required for application?

A. Ordinary paint tools like brush, roller, trowel, air compressor, airless coating machine, low-pressure hot air coating machine, and all kinds of spray gun (air spray gun, airless spray gun). Please use appropriate tools according to desired finish.

  • Q. How to stir GAINA and adjust its viscosity?

A. As the ceramic particles are floating on the upper part, it is required to stir properly and adjust the viscosity with water. * Be sure to stir sufficiently with an electric stirrer (about 3 to 5 minutes) immediately after opening a bucket.

  • Q. What is used for diluent and how about the dilution rate?

A. GAINA is water-based material. Please dilute with water to adjust the viscosity for easier application. 

    - For brush or roller: 0 to 1,500cc per 14kg bucket.

    - For spray: 0 to 3,000cc per 14kg bucket.

  • Q. To carry out GAINA's effectiveness, what is the appropriate application amount?

A. For thermal insulation, heat shield and soundproofing: 30m² per 14kg bucket or 0.46kg per square meter. (in two or more coating)
    For thermal insulation and heat shield: 35m² per 14kg bucket or 0.40kg per square meter. (in two or more coatings)
    *Cracking may occur if applied too thickly at once.

  • Q. What is the finish like?

A. It is in matt finish, without gloss. A calm and unique finish of GAINA.

  • Q. How long does it take for drying?

A. It depends on weather, season and environmental condition. As a reference standard for drying process, it takes 1 to 2 hours in summer and 3 to 4 hours in winter.

  • Q. How about safety precautions on application?

A. Prevent contacts from skin when handling and wear appropriate protective glasses or masks if necessary. Moreover, it is required to provide adequate ventilation in application process and drying process.

  • Q. How to dispose used buckets?

A. Please remove the contents completely and dispose properly as industrial waste. The used buckets could also be reuse as containers for tools etc.

  • Q. How to handle the wastewater used for washing used bucket or equipment etc.?

A. Do not discharge wastewater to the ground or drain without treatment. Solidify with coagulant (slaked lime etc.) and dispose properly as industrial waste in accordance with relevant law and local government standards.

  • Q. How to remove it if it gets on skin when handling?

A. Rinse immediately with hot water.

You can understand how to apply GAINA from the video below.

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