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Keep warm inside in winter

​Heat retention by  "Interior coating"


With just 0.5mm, the innovative ceramic coating can protect you from cold air outside. In winter, heat energy escapes from the inside to the outside because indoor temperature is normally higher than outdoor temperature.

When you turn on the heater, heat energy is absorbed to the inner wall, ceiling and floor ground even though insulation material was installed inside the structure. This is why it takes time until you feel warm.

GAINA, as an insulation, not only can prevent heat escape, it also can make you feel warmer than the actual temperature due the ability to convert heat energy to far infrared.

The moment of far infrared emission

GAINA has very unique thermal characteristic which can turn heat energy into far infrared from the surface of ceramic. Whether it’s radiation or convection, GAINA can works with same mechanism.


The demonstration shows us how GAINA converts heat energy into far infrared from the surface.


When hot air by hair dryer is blown to the surface, temperature of the surface rises simultaneously. At the same time, far infrared is emitted from the surface of coating.


You can imagine how GAINA keeps warm inside by emitting far infrared when interior coating. You can also imagine how GAINA dissipates heat as far infrared when it’s coated outside.

Demonstration of how GAINA works as exterior insulation in winter

Check this amazing DEMO. It helps you understand how GAINA works as “exterior insulation coating” in winter season.

You can imagine the steel plate as roof top in winter where heat escapes from inside to outside. the left side were coated with normal paint and on the other hand, the right side were coated with GAINA.

The demonstration shows us how GAINA prevents heat escape by just coating outside.


Keep cool inside in summer

Prevent heat accumulation as "Exterior coating"


GAINA prevents heat accumulation by dissipating heat from surface of house and building.


Unlike normal insulation paint which is just based on the technology of solar reflectance, GAINA has very unique thermal properties which can dissipate heat as far infrared regardless of sunlight exposure of not. It is emitted at the very shallow position on the membrane which can prevent heat accumulation.


In addition, having its low thermal effusivity makes it harder to absorb heat to the surface.

Demonstration of how GAINA works as exterior insulation in summer

The indoor temperature in summer season is basically raised by heat accumulation from outside. The left side of the roof were coated by normal paint, and the right side were coated by GAINA.

The demonstration shows us how GAINA prevents heat accumulation from the roof and how to reduce temperature rise inside.


"Sound deadening"

Multi-ceramic cluster layers provide sound deadening effect due to being able to refract sound energy repeatedly inside ceramic beads which is hollow inside.

Comparison of sound

Just check this amazing DEMO! 

"Dew proofing"


Main cause of condensation is heat transfer caused by temperature difference on the structure. The bigger temperature difference the more condensation would be easily happen.


By coating GAINA on the surface of wall and ceiling, temperature difference become smaller than before coating. It leads to reduce heat transfer which makes also reduce unwanted condensation


"Air quality improvement"

スクリーンショット 2023-07-31 171631.png

Far infrared radiation from GAINA act on humidity and break into water molecules finely.

In this process, finely shattered water molecules become negatively charged. What it’s called “Negative Ion”. This doesn’t let airborne contaminants float in the air and it leads to create excellent air quality.

Prevent from sticking odor due to 0.0V of static electricity

One of the reason odor and contaminants adhere to interior wall and ceiling is static electricity. Unlike normal finish material, GAINA has specific characteristics not to be charged static electricity on surface which makes to be able to reduce adhering.


"Non flammable"


Building materials are categorized into three qualification ranks of incombustibility set forth in a governmental ordinance: incombustibles,quasi-incombustibles,and fire-retardant materials.

GAINA is certified as by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

"High durability"


GAINA boasts many ceramic layers that provide the strongest resistance to ultraviolet rays, creating a coating that is lasts 2 to 3 times longer than regular paint.

GAINA 's insulation and thermal barrier capabilities also suppress the expansion and constriction of structural materials. Anti-ultraviolet durability, as enabled by GAINA, is evaluated based on ultraviolet ray absorption rates.


GAINA is water-based and contains no organic solvents or any other hazardours materials.

in fact, GAINA interior (specially developed for interior use)

received grade F☆☆☆☆, yet it holds the same level of safety evaluations for aldehydes and Volatile Organic Compounds, as seen in the table on the right.

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