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Far beyond your imagination

Japanese coating insulation "GAINA"

GAINA is a top-class energy saving ceramic coating material developed by NISSIN SANGYO based on the Japanese rocket insulation technology from JAXA (The Japan Aerospace eXploration Agency) for protecting both rockets and satellites from the heat of the atmosphere. GAINA is a water-based coating composed of unique ceramic beads blended with Acrylic resin.

After drying process, more than 75% of membrane consists of ceramic itself which has unique thermal characteristics can convert thermal energy to far infrared. Unlike normal insulation paint based only on reflectivity technology, GAINA works regardless of sunlight exposure by dissipating heat as far infrared radiation.


How it born


Multi ceramic layer formed by drying process

GAINA is an aqueous paint made of special ceramics multilayered at high density.
This "multilayered structure of ceramic" demonstrates high effect in various scenes including insulation.


“JAXA COSMODE” is theLogo designed to promote JAXA R&D output. It could be applied to product / service that uses JAXA technology.


GAINA is the 1st authorized product of the

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