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We received from customers, We will answer frequently asked questions.

On characteristics and performance of materials

Does the adiabatic performance change over time?

Since the special ceramic exerts the heat insulating effect, even if the paint film surface is affected by aging due to aging, the heat insulating performance will not deteriorate.

Does the thermal barrier performance change over time?

Dirt due to aging deteriorates the thermal barrier performance.

Do you remember the smell after application?

It is a low odor type, but it may remain slightly. When applied to the interior, there are individual differences in how you feel odor, but there may be 1 to 2 weeks remaining.


Ventilation conditions also affect odors, so please do ventilation after application. There is also an interior type without smell. Please contact your dealer for more information.

What kind of materials / materials can you apply?

It can be painted on most materials by combining with base processing agent (sealer / primer etc.). Iron, concrete, mortar, wood, nonferrous metals, glass, etc

Is there any material that can not be applied?

Polypropylene (high density), fluorine processed product, Teflon processed product etc.

What color variations are there?

There are basic 52 variations available for Gainers. In addition, it can correspond to more than 200 colors. Please contact your dealer for more information.

Is there an influence on the thermal insulation performance due to coloring?

There is no effect on heat insulation performance.

When painting on the dark paint of the existing wall, does not the color of the base come out?

If the coating amount is the specified value, the color of the base is not produced, but we recommend using white sealer, primer etc to suppress color.

Is there a transparent type of GAINA?

There is none. Ceramic color (white) is the basis of the coating film of the GAINA as it is a ceramic coating film.

What is the heat resistance temperature from what degree to what degree?

It is -100 ° C to + 150 ° C.

Is there insulation effect at subzero?

After drying the coating film, it is fully effective even at freezing temperatures.

Can it be used as a waterproof material such as rooftop waterproofing?

Although it has sufficient waterproofing capability, it is not a waterproof material so please use it as a top coat (protective material).

About construction and tools

Please tell me how to process the substrate.

Be sure to apply Keren, eyes roughness, washing, rust, dirt, algae, fungus etc. well, make it a clean surface, and perform groundwork treatment (primer / sealer etc) suitable for the material and make construction . Please contact your dealer for more information.

What kind of tool can we construct?

Brush, roller, ironing, air compressor, airless coating machine, hot air low pressure coating machine, various guns for painting (air gun, airless gun) etc. You can use various tools according to your desired finishing.

How can I adjust and stir the materials?

It is adjusted to the concentration that can be applied immediately after opening the can of the cane, but since the ceramic particles are floating on the upper part, it is necessary to stir by the stirrer. ※ Be sure to stir sufficiently with an electric stirrer (about 3 to 5 minutes).

Please tell me the diluent and dilution ratio.

The guinea is aqueous. If it is difficult to apply, add water as a diluent and use it in a concentration that makes it easier to apply. Approximate dilution rate: Brush · Roller: 0 to 1,500 cc / 14 kg Can blown: 0 to 3,000 cc / 14 kg can * Dilute, please use the coating amount in the specified area.

What is the amount of usage required to maintain performance?

Heat insulation, thermal insulation, soundproofing: 30 m² / 14 kg can, 0.46 kg / m 2 (more than two coating) Heat insulation, thermal insulation: 35 m² / 14 kg can, 0.4 kg / m 2 (more than two coatings) Applying thick at once may cause cracks.

What is the feeling of the finished condition?

It becomes a glossy finish finish. However, the ceramic has a unique calm finish.

How long is the time to go to the next step after application?

It depends on the weather, it is about 2 hours in summer and 4 hours in winter.

Please tell me the safety precautions in operation.

During handling, please touch the skin as much as possible and wear protective eyewear and protective mask as necessary. Also, please improve ventilation during painting and during drying, and do not inhale steam.

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